About the Guide

Let’s get serious for a minute

With the growth in economic potential and the rise of technology over the last 20 years, the millennials (those born after the 90’s) have solidified their position as the smartest generation to have lived on this planet. Today, we can access vast amounts of information on small screens that we carry in our pockets 24/7.

What most of us fail to assess is whether this information which is spread over our social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp) is actually relevant for us. Even though we are constantly bombarded with notifications on every device we own, the mega-trend of ‘viral’ content ensures that publishers often end up sharing random, incorrect or misleading content in order to attract hits.

While each of us have a few brands that we rely on for our knowledge quota, none of us have the time to filter those that are the best in the various categories we are interested in. We rely primarily on those brands that either reach us first, or those that we have simply heard of in our social circles – this gives these media brands a high degree of control over the content they serve thereby constraining our knowledge potential significantly.

We step in for those willing to test their limits, to read better, to do better.

You won’t find anyone like us

We are a group of young minds who wish to deliver stories that matter. Our team constantly monitors updates in the world of business, economy, sports, technology & science from a filtered list of sources and media brands that are reliable and knowledgeable for you.

We reach you twice a week and do our best to make sure that our stories are crisp, concise and interesting. We recommend our readers to open our brief with a cup of coffee in the morning or when they are travelling during the day.

Make sure you go through our list of instructions before you start reading your emails. Also, we expect you to promise that you’ll do your best to read through our email and honour the commitment you are making to yourself – to become a smarter and proactive reader.