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Over the last decade, the urban Indian has transformed into an intelligent and socially active consumer that uses the Internet and its applications to perform essential daily activities, including the consumption of information and news.

While digitalization has transformed the news media industry, the content consumed by urban Indians has followed a culture that favors the quick delivery of ‘updates’ and ‘facts’ over ‘analysis’ and ‘rich insight’ of news events.

The student fraternity of India has been affected the most by this trend as it has damaged the potential ability of a student to raise questions. The Guide wishes to be the voice that resonates within the ears of Indian High school students. We are an emerging media startup that specializes in the creation and curation of content especially for Indian students between the ages of 15-25 years.

We research, analyze, dissect, structure and present our take to you on business, economics, politics, sports and social issues. We don’t just tell, we explain.