This week is extremely decisive for the fate of our environment

For the planet!  🌍

UN’s Climate Action Summit on 23rd September, 2019 🤝

5 years after the world signed the historic Paris accord, global leaders will come together once again to discuss the climate crisis in depth. This well revolve around how major economies plan on:

  • Maintaining global temperature levels below the recommended 2 degree Celsius threshold. 
  • Reducing emissions levels by 45% in the next decade.
  • Achieving zero-net emissions by 2050 (globally).

“Don’t Bring a Speech, bring a Plan”  😥

That is what UN’s Secretary General (or CEO) Antonio Gutterres has conveyed to the leaders who will be attending this year’s summit. He wants government’s to provide data on how their initiatives have performed and what they plan on doing now.

Luis Alfonso de Alba, the special envoy (minister) assigned with the responsibilities for this year’s summit believes that such a ‘show-and-tell model’ is essential to boost accountability and responsibility.

That’s because the UN can not legally force economies into action. It can simply make member nations realize that the rest of the world is watching their actions intently, especially as the climate awareness has significantly increased in the last four years – that were also the hottest years in our planet’s history.

The Trump card against Trump  😐

Unfortunately, the world’s richest and most powerful country will only be participating halfheartedly in this year’s summit, thanks to the efforts of Pres. Donald Trump, who as an active denier of climate science (& a dear companion of oil tycoons) has tried his best to pull US out of the climate accord, he couldn’t accomplish it

The administrators that prepared the Paris treaty inserted a special clause which forces US to be a part of the accord till 4th November 2020, which is just one day after the 2020 US elections conclude, so the final decision will be in the hands of the next president.  

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