MP’s govt is taking the ‘Cows matter’ mission to a whole new level

The state govt of India’s heartland is going to launch a full-scale website and mobile application that will allow users to adopt cows by the end of this month. It’s strange but it’s unique.

Are they really (practically) targeting an actual user base or are they simply hoping to associate themselves with Hindu ideals for gaining repo with the locals? 

It’s difficult to determine that at least until we can assess how it performs in the grand scheme of their plan to set up 1000 Gau-shala’s (cow-centres) across the state.

But, in case you’re wondering, these are the ‘cow’ plans they’re offering: 

  • 15 days for ₹ 1,100
  • 1 year for ₹ 21,000
  • LIFETIME for ₹ 3 lakh

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