Vedantu pays more attention to the needs & progress of students than other Ed-tech startups 🤓✅

Doing it right > Doing it big 

BYJU dominates India’s edtech landscape. Hands down! No one even comes close when you compare its user base, valuation and growth potential. In fact, it’s the world’s largest Ed-tech startup with a valuation that exceeds ₹47,000 crores

Vedantu on the other hand is much smaller. It’s user base stands at 1.3 million (of which only 30k are paying subscribers), which may not be a metric to boast of when you are trying to race against the seniors, but here’s the twist – it’s not even trying to

It wants to build a personalized Knowledge network 

Veda = Knowledge | Tantu = Network 

While BYJU creates pre-recorded courses and sells them through its tabs, Vedantu (^name inspired from Sanskrit) has built a platform that allows users to engage in live, interactive one-on-one sessions with teachers. 

Their offerings are a mix of free study materials & premium sessions and they have created a strong network of highly qualified teachers that ensure the delivery of an interactive learning experience for students, which is paying off. 

FUNDED last week :

 Tiger Global & Westbridge just invested ₹300 crores to help the company expand their tech team, product range & customers.

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