India’s packaged food is officially the most unhealthiest in the World ❌

Should’ve listened to your mum! 

We (Indian millennials) mostly end up gravitating towards packaged food and drinks(*laziness on fleek*) without realizing that our supermarkets (& kirana stores) are stocked with products that are increasingly becoming a cause of sickness for us as they are high in bad fats, sugar and salt. 

George Institute of Global Health surveyed 4 lakh food + drink products 

Recently, an independent survey (from a paper published in Obesity reviews) of 4 lakh food and drink sample products from 12 countries places India at the bottom of a table that ranks countries based on the nutritional quality of packaged food available.

The samples were tested based on the level of energy, salt, sugar, saturated fat as well as protein, calcium and fibres and a mean score was allotted to help researchers compare country-wise results effectively. 

Samples from India were the most energy-dense, but their nutritional value was the least. Because of these products, Indian consumers are highly prone to obesityType-2 diabetesand cardiovascular diseases.

PS – While the govt has assured that it will come up with a plan to further regulate the sector, we recommend you to reset your diet preferences and control your taste buds. 


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