India’s dams are getting older and we are terrible at managing water systems 🌊

Oh DAM-mit! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

By 2025, 1115 (20%) out of 5500 large dams in India will reach an age of 54 years (minimum). 

Making matters worse âš”️

Our dams are getting really old and their functionality is decreasing (with clogging filters, cracks in the structure) which significantly increases the chances of system failures.

Independent agencies have found that there is a serious lack of coordination b/w operational teams and environment agencies (like IMD – that prepares rainfall forecasts) which makes it impossible for reservoirs to adjust as per the circumstances. 

Additionally, the frequency of erratic & extreme rain patterns have increased (thanks to climate change), which further disables us from a) storing water for the drier months & b) releasing water in time to save space for extra rainfall (& prevent flooding). 

Less than two months ago, we faced a water crisis, but now…

This year’s monsoon has caused flooding in more than 9 states and many reservoirs have reached full storage capacity. Additionally, 210 out of 810 dams are already overflowing in Maharastra & Gujarat.

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