Meesho has a unique business model that supports small merchants & individuals sell products using social media platforms

Growing slow but Growing right! 

Meesho is a Bengaluru-based startup that helps individuals from more than 700+ towns be a part of the e-commerce trade using social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp & Instagram. 

The platform is blessed with a majority of female users (80%) and college students that are willing to gain an extra income. Currently, Meesho only deals with apparel, home appliances and electronic items. 

What makes Meesho so special (& unique)

It gives users the power to generate online income based on their communication & selling skills in a time where online selling is dominated exclusively by those merchants that employ a base of operational capital to offer discounts and use digital marketing skills (to get higher ratings & reviews) to gain platform ranking and sales. 

Active Meesho users suggest that the platform helps them generate ₹8000-10000 per month.

Meesho offers it’s users a range of products at a fixed price. The users add their own marginand further sell these products to end-customers that belong to their own-network. This gives users the power to sell a particular product at different prices to different customers (based on user capacities).

The best part: Meesho doesn’t as much cash (relatively)

Meesho’s founder has expressed that the company doesn’t spend huge amounts into marketing and promoting their brand.

In just 4 years, the company has been able to register 2 million users on its platform and constantly works to help these users be better at trading by providing courses and guidance.

While it’s growth is slow, it aims to enroll 20 million users by 2020 and investors (just got ₹900 Crore from Naspers) seem to be impressed with the company’s plans for progressing forward.

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