India may get the world’s 1st Hyperloop project b/w Mumbai-Pune by 2024

Maharashtra pushes Full-speed ahead ⏩

The Govt of Maharashtra is treating Hyperloop like any other public infrastructure project, which makes it one of the first institution (globally) to take the futuristic tech seriously. 

1 train | 35 mins | 16,000 passengers daily

Maha-govt wants to start construction in 2021 and wrap up by 2024. Theoretically, the project will reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Pune (a 150-km stretch) from 3.5 hours to 35 mins & will allow almost 20 crore travelers to commute annually. 

Richard Branson’s Virgin group should have an edge

While Musk was the 1st one to float the concept globally (just 5 years ago), India’s project will be handled by Virgin Hyperloop One as they formally approached the govt reps first. 

Virgin has raised ₹2,100 crores in the development stage already and they expect to collaborate with DP World, a Dubai-based port operating company to invest ₹3,600 crores for the same. No other financial details have been disclosed yet but it is likely that a consortium will be formed.

PS – It’s not surprising for Maharashtra to be ahead of the curve since it is the contributor to India’s GDP (compared to any other state). Still, we can’t help but wonder how much it would cost to zoom at 950 km/h in a vaccum-tube and we sure as hell cannot wait. 

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