Our plea for Kashmir🙏

“If there is heaven on Earth, it’s here! it’s here! it’s here!”

Mughal Emperor’s Jehangir’s words perfectly echo the beauty of Kashmir. Its culture, its people, the weather, the greenery, the snowy mountains. It is and has always been a special place. But, it has a painful history.

Unfortunately, It has been a victim of terrorism and politics ever since princely states were integrated into nations. Initially, its leaders couldn’t pick a side, but eventually (when Pakistani soldiers invaded to take it by force), it sided with us. It agreed to join India given that we’d respect its identity and its autonomy to a certain extent. With political leaders emphasizing these demands time and time again, we came up with Article 370 & 35A. 

We had our ups and downs, that included a couple of wars with Pakistan, several discussions on international platforms like the UN but nevertheless, it has been on India’s map

In recent times, the only real issues that could’ve concerned the Modi govt is the fact it has been the entry point for terrorists (on several occasions) and home to some rebellious ideologies that demand either total freedom (to form a separate country) or integration with Pakistan, which have always blocked parties like BJP or Congress from gaining a foothold in the state (politically ofc!).

But now, all that may change because we’ve struck the bills and divided the state into two union territories. Kashmir is now officially a part of India. PM Modi has fulfilled his promise and this govt has done something that none of our previous govt’s (esp Congress) could do. It is a historic decision indeed. 

Still, why doesn’t it feel right? Is it because this transfer of Kashmir into India’s constitution has been processed without the consent of its leaders, or it’s people? While that may prove to be unsettling, some reports suggest that the legal compatibility of this transfer may also be in question if the issue is raised in the Supreme Court. 

What we want to tell our readers is that there are too many questions, and only a few answers. Over the coming weeks, we’re going to do our best to bring you the best insights on the what’s, why’s and how’s regarding the Kashmir issue. Hold your brain’s opinion factory till you are given the relevant facts to kick-start processing. 

In the meantime, pray for the people who have been disconnected from their loved ones. Pray for their safety and peace!

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