The Triple Talaq Bill is just a battle victory in the war to successfully integrate morality & religion within our legal system! ⚖️

President Kovind says “Hamari Haan hai!” 

The Triple Talaq bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha earlier this week and approved by President Ramnath Kovind right after. However, it has been challenged by a religious Muslim organisation(already) and that is only the first in many that plan to do the same. 

Even though Triple Talaq was declared invalid (null & void) by the Supreme court in 2017 which ensured that no marriage can dissolve by this instant-practice, the new bill has made the utterance of these words a crime – to strike fear in the hearts of those who unfairly & abruptly decide to end their marriage without any mutual consent. 

While some have been celebrating this ‘historic’ achievement (justifiably), there are some complexities that may still haunt those that the bill aims to empower – the Muslim women who were & are divorced unfairly. 
Muslims follow the Sharia laws, and while this act aims to overrule some of the laws mentioned therein, convincing all Muslim communities (located in rural areas) will be a Herculean task since many view it as a religious interference by a government that is dominated by a Hindu ideology

That, is just the tip of the iceberg!

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