India’s flood prevention systems are a disaster and that will cost us in the future! 🤦‍♂️

The wrath of the Almighty Water gods! 

Due to poor drainage capacity, unplanned reservoir regulation and the failure of our flood control measures – India accounts for one-fifth (approx. 1 lakh) of all deaths caused by floods globally!

The story of Sanyalchar

A small village located at the bank of Ganga river in West Bengal is destructed by floods every year. Due to a lack of solid dwellings, the fishermen and farmers who call it home have had to suffer greatly as they have to move their huts as they get destroyed by the high-tide every year. 

On paper, the govt has allocated ₹600 crores for the disaster management funds this year but it seems far too small for a country that is far too big (& populous) to govern. 

Out of 32.9 crore hectares of India’s geographic area, 4 crore hectares is highly prone to floods and it has been estimated that by 2040, 2.5 Crore Indians will be exposed to severe flood damage.

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