After successfully investing $98 Billion in leading startups, Masayoshi Son raises $108 billion for Vision fund 2 🤩

This man knows how to get a raise! 👏

In our 12th Issue, we told you how Masayoshi Son (from Softbank) had invested most of the funds collected in the world’s largest tech fund (successfully) and speculated that he was going to raise more money very soon. WE WERE RIGHT!

  Fast & Fierce 

Apparently, Son didn’t take too long to seal commitments (by signing Memorandum of Understandings) from his network and earlier this week, announced ‘Vision Fund 2’ to the public.

Who’s going to write the check?

Reportedly, the new fund will have a corpus of $108 Billion with $38 Billion committed by Softbank itself (savings and proceeds from 1st vision fund) and other investors including Microsoft, Apple & Foxconn

The government of Saudi Arabia & Abu Dhabi, who were the biggest contributors to the 1st fund have not been included in the full list of investors.  

Which startups are on Softbank’s radar?

While the 1st fund focused on identifying and supporting market leaders (Uber, OYO, WeWork), this year’s fund will focus really hard on startups working in the creation, deployment and advancement of AI technologies

However, those priorities may shift if the dynamic duo (of Son & CEO Rajeev Misra) spots profitable opportunities in other sectors. 

The transaction isn’t over yet 🧠

The corpus size may slightly change in the coming time as the $108 Billion value is an estimate based on capital committed by the investors in their respective MoU’s, not the money that has been deposited in Softbank’s account. Still, Son ensured that thefund is ready to start deploying capital in less than 2 months and we cannot wait to see which startups they invest in this time andyes, we’ll keep you posted!

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