How do India’s startups fare on a global scale? πŸ€”

Soonicorns & Unicorns!

Psst! For those of you who don’t know, Unicorns are those startups that have a higher valuation than $1 Billion (β‚Ή6900 crores) after private or public investments are accounted for. 

Alternatively, Soonicorns are those startups that may soon grow into unicorns.

India’s Unicorns surpassed a total valuation of $50 Billion this year

Currently, India is home to 25 Unicorns, most of which are IT-based solution providers in various sectors primarily with B2C business models. 

B/w 2011-2017, we had only 11 unicorns but in the last two years, we have seen them grow as global investors have been rushing to the Indian market. 

With 30 startups already identified as Soonicorns, analysts estimate that by 2025, India will have 50 Unicorns

We’re still far behind US & China

On a global level, US leads the race with 147 Unicorns followed by China with 94. 

What we think 🧠

Startups find it extremely difficult to raise capital in India because the sector is highly bureaucratic and corrupt. This will have to change in the long-run because while allowing foreign investments provides a much-needed boost for local startups, the profits generated by these startups often end up being transferred back in investor accounts abroad (as dividends or interest).

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