While Amazon is trying a new program to stop the sale of fake products, most E-commerce portals still don’t have an answer 🀐

Who wants Adidas when you can get Abibas! 🀣

Counterfeiting (kawn-tuh-fit-ing) is a real issue for both – customers who buy products & brands that have worked hard to procure IPR for their products. E-commerce giants however, benefit from all sales (counterfeit or original) so while they’ve been trying to avoid sales of these products, they’re doing it at their own pace. 

A survey (of 30,000 people) of Indian online shoppers indicated that one-in-five products sold on these platforms are fake

Here’s what we know so far:
1. The Indian govt has a vague and open-ended law system (for e-commerce) which fails to prevent the sale of counterfeits.

2. None of the e-comm retailers have implemented automatic systems to monitor the sale of counterfeits. The only systems in place that identify counterfeits and act against breachers are manually managed by teams that blacklist dealers when a customer/brand raises a complaint.

3. Amazon is the only company that is doing something as it recently announced its plan to bring the ‘Transparency’ program to India which it has used in USA to prevent the sale of 250,000 fake products.

Our take 🧠

While the govt must make this a priority in the much-awaited e-commerce policy that it plans to implement in 2020, e-comm retailers will have to be actively involved in the process to effectively tackle this issue.

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