While everyone is busy watching ‘the lion king’, the real lions (in Africa & India) are dying šŸ˜¢

Time to save Simba! šŸ¦

The first thing you should know about Lions is – they are only found in two areas (majorly) on this planet (naturally), Africa and India (Gujarat). 

Lions once ruled over 70%-80% of Africa

African Lions have lost more than 94% of the area that they once captured (which was almost 70% of the area in the continent). Since the Lion King movie released (in ’94) the population of African Lions have almost halved to 25,000. 

As per a report by National Geographic, conservation efforts have worked in a few areas where lions and people have been able to co-exist, but the lack of institutional support and funding makes it difficult to work for all stakeholders effectively. 

It has been estimated that these efforts would require an annual funding support of ā‚¹6800 crores, but the current system only provides ā‚¹2700 crores (30%). 

More than 200 Indian Lions died in the last 2 years

In India, lions are already an endangered species with just 600 big cats (estimated) living in Gujarat’s Gir National Park. However, these numbers may be misrepresentative (like all animal statistics in India) as more than 200 lions died in Gir in the last two years (as per the Gujarat govt) and India’s funding remains weak – between 20-30 crores per annum.

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