India’s population regulation bill is just a misguided pill for the various challenges that revolve around our demographics 🤦‍♂️

Time to move past the “Hum do Humare Do” narrative!

What is wrong with India’s Population? 

It’s too big and diverse to manage! With the boom we experienced in the 80’s, we are set to overtake China’s population in a decade (if we don’t stop).

The Population Regulation Bill (2019)

It proposes to implement a two-child policy (max) for all. Also, the plan is to force all govt employees to take a vow for the same (failing to abide by which may cost them their job) and suggests a withdrawal of financial benefits and schemes (ration, rural housing, subsidies) for the low & middle income sections of the society if they fail to abide by these rules. 

Does it make sense?

Policymakers must realise that India’s population growth has already slowed down to reach the replacement rate – which is the rate required to keep population stable from one generation to another. While such a policy would’ve made sense years ago, it is safe to say that it is too late to use this solution.

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