If you could fit all of India’s water into one big swimming pool, you’d only be KNEE deep in it 😟

Pray for a good monsoon & save water!

A report from Down to Earth that collected data from the Central Water Commission tells that India’s reservoirs are currently operating at 17% of the total live storage capacity.

Live storage refers to ‘the part of the total reservoir capacity that can be withdrawn by gravity’. 

India has 91 reservoirs and they currently hold 27.27 billion cubic meters of water as per data collected in June. Among these, southern states have witnessed the highest departure (change) from normal levels, including Andhra Pradesh (-83%), Telangana (-52%), Tamil Nadu (-43%) and Kerala (-38%). 

While this year’s monsoon has provided some relief (except if you are in Bombay), the officials from the Indian Meteorological Department predict that this year’s monsoon is the slowest progressing monsoon in 12 years and estimates indicate that it will eventually be much lower than what the country requires.

Experts warned that a water crisis would arise in India by 2020 because of mismanagement for the last 3-4 years. While Climate change has amplified the effect of this change, blaming such extremities on global warming is just an excuse that govt officials & politicians will resort to in the coming times (like the officials in Chennai).

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