The case of Carbon Engineering & its Dirty brothers 🛢️

The future is in very dirty hands

Carbon Engineering (CE) is a Canadian Clean technology company that has developed (at-least that’s what they claim) ground-breaking theories and processes to remove the carbon in our atmosphere.

CE have designed large fans that suck the atmospheric air to extract pure CO2, which is either injected deep below our planet’s surface or simply converted into synthetic fuel that can be re-processed into usable fuel. 

Interestingly, energy giants (& heavy polluters) like Chevron, Occidental Petroleum & BHP have invested $68 Million in CE this year. CE plans to deploy a full-scale facility by 2021 that will produce 2000 barrels of synthetic fuels per day.  

Here’s where it gets interesting: 

While these oil giants will publicise their investment into CE as a greener initiative amidst growing public outrage against carbon emitters, it must be noted that this is a mere 0.2% of the total net profit they generated last year (approx $28200 Million) & that is absolutely insignificant when we account for the uncertainty revolving around the time scale, potential & commercial viability of CE’s tech. 

PS – In the meantime, the big dirty bros will keep polluting. 

Q: Is it justifiable for large energy corporations to keep pushing carbon into the atmosphere while they talk about climate change & invest tiny amounts into R&D or conservation efforts? 

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