Watch HBO’s Chernobyl already!

“What is the cost of Lies?” 

‘Chernobyl’  is based on one of the world’s largest man made disaster that occurred in Pripyat, Ukraine when a Nuclear reactor blasted emitting extremely high levels of radiation into the surrounding atmosphere in 1986. Here’s why you should watch it: 

  • It’s not going to take a lot of your time or energy because there’s just 5 episodes (though you’ll wish there were more). 
  • It shows us the potential of nuclear energy (for good & bad) – something that economies will rely on in the future.
  • One one hand, it perfectly shows how weak & stupid humans can be with arrogance and ignorance becoming the primary triggers for disasters. 
  • On the other, it shows how brave and persistent we can be to overcome our failures by showing how people are ready to sacrifice their own lives for the greater good.

It is undoubtedly the best mini-series we’ve ever watched & less than a week after it’s final episode aired, it has become the highest rated series on IMDB (9.7/10). 

PS – You’d end up learning how to speak English with a proper Russian accent by the time you’re done with the show & that is pretty cool (if you can pull it off). 

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