India managed to achieve just 2% of its e-vehicle target

While you were dreaming of Tesla ⚡

In 2015, the Central govt declared that it will work to bring 1.5 Crore Electric Vehicles on Indian roads under the ‘Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles’ (FAME-1) scheme by 2020. 

While this was almost double the target set by the dept of Heavy Industries in 2013, as per the data provided by CSE (for 2018), there are only 2.8 lakh EV’s on our roads – a mere 2% of the target set by the govt.

In addition to that, we have used up 99.6% of the 950 crore litres of fuel that we hoped to save by switching to EV’s and have ended up emitting 94.5% of the 20 million tonnes of carbon that we wanted to cut by switching to EV’s. 

Still, the govt has shown its inclination to switch to electric vehicles, by allocating a budgetof ₹ 10,000 Crores (over 3 years) under FAME-2 to invest in infrastructure (charging stations, pods) & making public transport vehicles electric. 

While a detailed action plan for this sector hasn’t been released yet (as always), we’re confident that Modi & Co. will prioritise EV’s as the sector can potentially generate 1 crore jobs. 

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