NZ’s the 1st country to have a well-being budget

Good news for the 50 Lakh Islanders šŸļø

Quality of life is an essential metric for developed economies to ensure that the people can move past their basic needs & simply be happy.

Thanks to PM Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand is now officially the world’s 1st country to prepare a ‘Well-being’ budget for its people wherein more than ā‚¹ 5400 Crores have been allocated for the following purposes: 

  • To provide shelter to the homeless people and equipping them with relevant employment skills (specially for children).
  • To improve healthcare facilities & infrastructures in schools and hospitals to attend to psychological issues as well. 
  • To control and address cases of domestic violence.
  • To boost the reach and efficiency of suicide prevention services.
  • To help the country move to sustainable energy sources. 

While NZ’s budget has set a benchmark for economies (we may soon see UK joining the elite club), it also highlights the stark contrast b/w problems that grip developed economies in comparison with developing economies.

Think about it:

Will India ever be able to allocate funds for improving the mental-well being of our people? 

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