Navsari’s Member of Parliament knows how to manage PR like a boss


Re-elected as a Member of Parliament for the 3rd time in a row,¬†C.R. Patil¬†outpaced his rivals (for Navsari’s seat) with the biggest margin recorded in this year’s election. Patil’s vote count had 6.38 lakh votes higher than INC’s candidate.¬†

As per a report, Patil strongly believes in optimising the use of technology to maintain a strong relationship with the people in his constituency. 

Patil has¬†a team of 47 people who¬†run a mobile application that lists various government policies &¬†schemes and guides¬†people on how to avail them. Also,¬†Patil’s team post close to 2.5 lakh letters to the people in his constituency every month.¬†

PS – If you were in Navsari, you’d probably receive a letter from Patil on your birthday & anniversary too.

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