47 deaths in 5 years! Is Cow Vigilantism Justified?

It is time to get serious ⚠️

The Guardian recently published a 19-minute documentary called ‘The Hour of Lynching’ which explores a gruesome case of Cow-vigilante violence that occurred on the Haryana-Rajasthan border. It is truly heart-wrenching but we recommend you to watch it because it showcases the complexities involved in such religious conflicts. 

Also, research on this topic led us to a controversial book called ‘The Myth of the Holy Cow’ by historian D.N. Jha which suggests that Beef was an integral part of Indian cuisine, long before it was associated solely with Islamic cultures (and we’ve been flipping out ever since we read that). 

How we feel 😞

Communal harmony is an integral part of any democracy & it is truly depressing to witness that we, the people of the world’s largest democracy have failed to live by this ideal. You must know that over the last few years, the number of religious hate-crime incidents (reported) have increased significantly, fuelled by radical ideals, blame-games and politics that have choked the soul of our nation.

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