Should a Journalist report secrets of the ‘supreme’ govt?

The Whistleblowers Dilemma?! 🔇

You may not know much about Julian Assange (its Ae-Saan-J) & even if you do, you probably don’t know enough about his work, or what it signifies. So here goes:

He is the founder of WikiLeaks – an organisation that is dedicated to exposing the darkest secrets of those individuals & organisations who cannot be questioned.

Julian was arrested earlier this month from the Ecuadorian Embassy in UK, where he’d been staying for the past 8 years, to avoid getting extradited to the US.

 Globally, this has been perceived as an all out attack on the the freedom of journalists (& people) and the media community is obviously very upset, including Julian’s biggest critics

In case you’re curious about the kind of information WikiLeaks publishes, watch the famous “Collateral Murder Video” which shows the live feed of a US Apache helicopter killing a group of people in Baghdad, Iraq – it really looks like they’re playing a video game (remember Call of Duty).  

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