Millennials need to get better at managing Money

Learn to save before you spend

India is home to the world’s largest millennial population. This means that more than 44 crore of us are between 18-35 in age. By 2020, we will spend $330 Billion dollars annually (a 14-figure number in ₹) as per a Morgan Stanley report published in ’17. 

While it is profitable to do business here, especially with the e-commerce boom and growing digital connectivity, it is a ddouble edged sword: we buy things instantly, things we don’t even need (Don’t deny it!).

We are exposed to a higher degree of financial independence since our childhood and we learn how to spend money much before we learn how to save & invest it which can put us in an unfriendly debt-ridden situation that none of us would like to be in.

We recommend taking the first step: read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” – an all time best-seller written by Robert Kiyosaki, a genius in the field of financial planning. It’s simple, short – 7 to the point chapters –  full of practical examples that you can relate to and start applying in your daily life instantly. Trust us, its better than putting up a lemonade stand (although we sure could do with some in this terrific heat!)

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