The Telco’s finally settle down

3 years after Jio’s entry, we have peace 

3 years ago, Jio stormed the telecom industry with plans to offer free data & talk-time to millions (thanks to the deep pockets of Reliance) as it forced major players to either raise the bar (i.e lower their price) or watch their customers leave. 

The battle forced some to merge (Voda-Idea), to acquire loans, to cut jobs, to partner with content kings (Netflix/Prime) and more – while the price per plan was decreasing constantly.

However, this chaos has subsided (so don’t expect plans to get cheaper). Now, the focus is on serving the set of customers each company has retained. Poaching has dropped and ironically, some of these telco’s are even pushing out low-value customers as they want to increase average revenue. 

Still, Jio’s greatness cannot be undermined. An insightful report published by OpenSignalgives Jio a 4G Availability score of 97.5%, which is the highest any telecom company has achieved in any country – globally. Airtel remains the fastest (& best for video experience) whereas Vodafone-Idea provides the highest upload speed. 

Also, use the MySpeed App instead of if you want TRAI to keep telco’s in check.

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