“It’s Time to Break Up Facebook”

A world without FB? 

What happens when the people who help start one of the biggest companies in the world want to take it down?

With Phil Hughes latest op-ed with the New York Times, 4 of the 5 initial cofounders (yes, there were 5!) have now publicly condemned Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg indirectly or directly saying that it is too much power and responsibility for one man and one company.

With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram as well as WhatsApp, Zuckerberg has an unchecked monopoly in the world of social networking, photo-sharing and internet messaging. 

Hughes sees this as a major blunder of the US FTC in ensuring that no monopolies exist in any industry. He believes that the governments already have the tools to keep in check online tech companies; they just need to start implementing them better.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal early last year, and the cofounder’ public outlash, the public opinion on Facebook’s monopoly in the world of social networking seems to be headed towards a downward spiral.

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