Don’t let the Na-Modi-fications in the Stock Market distract you!

Time for the real test 🇮🇳

As BJP emerged victorious yet again on Wedneday, the reaction on the stock market with the Sensex breaching the 40,000 mark (for the 1st time in history) clearly indicates what most Indian investors (if not all) think of PM Modi & Co. 

A vast segment of our population accepts the outcome of this year’s election wholeheartedly. More so, they accept PM Modi as the ‘right’ candidate for securing India’s economic future.

However, a recent study indicates that the outcome of elections does not have any significant impact on growth of financial markets & investor returns in the long term. 

Note that experts and analysts are still divided on how Modi & Co. have performed over the last 5 years. 

Even though India remains the fastest growing economy in the world, the extremity of several factors suggest that a slowdown is brewing with unemployment at its highest, a crisis in the banking sector, decreasing exports, the NPA crisis & more. 

Perhaps, It is time for the BJP govt to get back to business!

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