Decathlon is Winning in India

Doing better than the best

70 stores over a span of 10 years is all it took for Decathlon to overtake leading brands like Nike, Adidas & Puma in India (in terms of sales) as it generated a revenue of ₹ 1278 Crores for FY 2018. 

While major brands focus on the aspirational value that people associate with sporting goods these days, Decathlon has comfortably positioned itself as the brand for the masses (40-50% cheaper).

A typical Decathlon store looks just like a large warehouse (5000-125000 sq. feet) that is full of sports equipment, merchandise and apparel stacked together.

It has products for all sporting disciplines that you can think of (& more), whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

Shocker – Decathlon has not spent a single rupee on advertising & it has managed to become India’s 2nd largest single brand retailer after Xiaomi! 

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