Issue 3 | 2019

Good Morning 👋

We know that the exit polls have overloaded your feed (annoyingly) & while the numbers are different for every pollster, you must know that most of them predict a victory for PM Modi & Co

Anyway, expect the results of the vote count to finish by 10 PM tomorrow (IST). To read more about how the exit polls are conducted, click here

Today, we’re going to tell you why Huawei is in bad shape, how Decathlon has become the brand of the masses in India, how Google has been tracking your purchases (better than you ever could) and how far India is in the race for battling climate change compared to others. 

Also, do try the show/movie we recommend for this week. You won’t regret it! 

The Sad tale of Huawei

Victimised by the great war: 🇺🇸 vs 🇨🇳

Source: TENOR

Major American companies including Google, Qualcomm & Intel have blocked supplies to & from Huawei – the world’s 2nd largest smartphone brand.

A cancellation of the Android license suggests (theoretically) that future models will lose access to the essential range of applications and functions that Android provides. This will force Huawei to either develop its own OS & app ecosystem or partner with someone else.

The ban is a major blow to the company’s future (which looks gloomy already) and while Huawei has the resources to create and sustain its own platform (its net profit in 2018 was approximately ₹60,000 Cr), slow user adaptation may be potentially devastating for the company. 

Such a move is only going to intensify the ongoing trade war. Let’s just hope it doesn’t create more of such no-win situations for users & the financial markets of the world. 

In case you didn’t know 📣
The US government has accused Huawei (since 2012) of secretly working with the Chinese government to supply ‘rigged’ hardware that allows the Asian leader to access data on any device that uses its parts.
The Trump government has blacklisted Huawei by citing it as a ‘threat’ to national security. 

177/180: India’s ranking as per the Environmental Performance Index is extremely poor (2018)

If only these were marks instead of rank

It is high time that India starts taking effective action to tackle climate change if we want to ensure that our population (and cities) survive the next decade. 

The report published by EPI was prepared by Yale & Columbia University in collaboration with the World Economic Forum (WEF). The EPI ranks countries based on how close they are to achieving their ‘established environmental policy goals‘.

Sadly, the BJP government (which is likely to take remain in power) does not have a detailed action plan in its manifesto (pg 26).

Decathlon is Winning in India

Doing better than the best

Source: The Indian Wire

70 stores over a span of 10 years is all it took for Decathlon to overtake leading brands like Nike, Adidas & Puma in India (in terms of sales) as it generated a revenue of ₹ 1278 Crores for FY 2018. 

While major brands focus on the aspirational value that people associate with sporting goods these days, Decathlon has comfortably positioned itself as the brand for the masses (40-50% cheaper).

A typical Decathlon store looks just like a large warehouse (5000-125000 sq. feet) that is full of sports equipment, merchandise and apparel stacked together. It has products for all sporting disciplines that you can think of (& more), whether you’re an amateur or a professional.

Shocker – Decathlon has not spent a single rupee on advertising & it has managed to become India’s 2nd largest single brand retailer after Xiaomi! 

Google knows more about your purchase habits than you ever could. While this is dangerous, we really liked Kevin’s take on how it compares to Facebook’s use of our personal data. Still, we recommend you to manage your purchase history ASAP!

What we’re watching this Week

Now that our watch has ended 🎬


This 5 episode mini-series by HBO portrays the story of the world’s worst man-made disaster that occurred in the Soviet Union during the 80’s. 

Once you realise the extremity of this disaster, you won’t stop watching this show. It’s just really intense!

IMDB: 9.6/10

RUSH (2013)

Rush tells the thrilling tale of two Formula 1 legends from the 70’s: The Passionate James Hunt vs. the Calculative Niki Lauda – Who wins the race? 

We bought this back from the archive in memory of Niki, who passed away earlier this week aged 70.

IMDB: 8.1/10