Win the Digital Battle today to win the Political War tomorrow

Memes get votes & BJP’s far ahead

India is the biggest market for several tech giants including FacebookWhatsapp & Google (in terms of the total user base) since almost 62.7 crore of us are active internet users. We’re 100% sure that you use atleast one of these applications. 

Reports published globally indicate that the outcome of India’s elections rely heavily on the digital battles that are fought over social media platforms. Naturally, most major parties try to dominate these with highly advanced control rooms operated by tech geeks with an unreal amount of money at their disposal.

In March, the EC called social media companies to ensure that their platforms do not become the mediums for spreading false propaganda to potential Indian voters & all 3 (FB, Google and Twitter) bowed down and agreed to cooperate.

The 3 companies have published transparency reports that provide all relevant info on the political campaigns (running since Feb), including target audience, campaign duration, total reach, ad spend (KA-CHING!) & the identity of the advertisers. 
If we were to gamble, we’d bet our money on BJP because they are clearly dominating the digital battle!

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