Issue 2 | 2019

We know how important Sundays can be (Believe us!). We won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time today because we want you to be well rested, well fed & refreshed before Monday strikes again. 

In today’s brief, we cover the following:

  • The Importance of the Digital Battle & How BJP is dominating this season
  • The latest in the ‘Masaledaar’ tale of McDonald
  • The Water crisis in India is getting worse
  • The Tradewar of the Giants – US vs. China
  • Is OnePlus turning into Apple?

Win the Digital Battle today to win the Political War tomorrow

Memes get votes & BJP’s far ahead

Source: TENOR

India is the biggest market for several tech giants including FacebookWhatsapp & Google (in terms of the total user base) since almost 62.7 crore of us are active internet users. We’re 100% sure that you use atleast one of these applications. 

Reports published globally indicate that the outcome of India’s elections rely heavily on the digital battles that are fought over social media platforms. Naturally, most major parties try to dominate these with highly advanced control rooms operated by tech geeks with an unreal amount of money at their disposal.

In March, the EC called social media companies to ensure that their platforms do not become the mediums for spreading false propaganda to potential Indian voters & all 3 (FB, Google and Twitter) bowed down and agreed to cooperate.

The 3 companies have published transparency reports that provide all relevant info on the political campaigns (running since Feb), including target audience, campaign duration, total reach, ad spend (KA-CHING!) & the identity of the advertisers. 

^Infographic prepared by the Guide Crew on Tableau Public

If we were to gamble, we’d bet our money on BJP because they are clearly dominating the digital battle!

See the Transparency reports with your own eyes!

The latest in the ‘Masaledaar’ tale of McDonalds

Mr. McAloo Tikki’s rebellion

Source: TENOR

Vikram Bakshi a.k.a ‘Mr. McAloo Tikki’ is the man who helped McDonalds gain the strong foothold they have in the Indian market as its 50:50 JV Partner for 23 years, but, he’d been fighting a legal battle with the world’s 10th best brand for the last 6 years. 

While you were busy ordering its meals, half of India’s McD franchises were running illegally after the food giant ordered more than 160 stores under Bakshi’s company to terminate operations with a 15-day notice in 2017. 

However, Bakshi’s company, CPRL continued to operate the stores (in North & Eastern regions) with the support of franchisees, real estate companies and store workers as they retained suppliers (as many as they could) and operated with a limited menu (why McFlurry hasn’t been available) even though this was a breach of Intellectual property rights that belong to McD.

The good news is that McD has decided to end the feud by offering Bakshi an undisclosed sum for his 50% stake in CPRL and surprisingly, they’re not going to file any cases against him for continuing operations. (YAYYY!)

Visit the stores after a few days since they’ve been shut temporarily for renovations. 

PS – If any of you hustlers are in need of some inspiration today and would like to know about the birth of McDonalds corporation, watch “The Founder” on Hotstar today. 

The water crisis in India is only getting worse

Save Water before its too late

Source: GIPHY

As per a report published by National Geographic, India is facing a water crisis that may potentially affect 60 crore people (half our population). 

The proposed solution is to create a network up to 15,000 km (almost the length of India’s total land border) of artificial canals to connect 30 major Indian rivers for providing affordable potable water and simultaneously improve management of monsoon flooding and irrigation. 

However, there are some major obstacles to its implementation:

  • Federal experts have been finding it difficult to project the total cost of this grand project. 
  • The vast areas of land which will be flooded to support the network shall encroach on significant forest reserves and other land areas of importance.
  • There is severe skepticism surrounding the ability of these major rivers to compensate sustainably for the increase in their watershed as experts cannot find the “excess water” in these rivers, as claimed by the government. 

The Trade War of the Giants

The classic US-China Standoff

In a tradewar that is being compared to the cold war, India could be one of the few economies that could benefit if they play their trade cards right. 

With both the US and China increasing tariffs on each other’s goods to a point where they need to start looking for new places to import and export goods from, it’s a hidden opportunity for India to strengthen it’s position in the world market by increasing the trade deficit with China and increasing exports to America. 

OnePlus turning into Apple?

Iron Man’s gift for us is a little too expensive $$$

The OnePlus 7 pro – the latest edition of the Chinese smartphone giant has launched it’s newest edition with all the eye catching features at an equally eye watering price  48,999. The flagship company that was launched with the blueprint for competing with the likes of Samsung and Apple by giving an edge in price has completely gone off track of it’s initial vision. Maybe if they didn’t have Iron Man marketing their phone, we’d still have some money left in our wallets after we purchased it (if at all).

That’s all for today! Have a good day! We’ll be back on Wednesday!
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