The water crisis in India is only getting worse

Save Water before its too lateđź’¦

As per a report published by National Geographic, India is facing a water crisis that may potentially affect 60 crore people (half our population). 

The proposed solution is to create a network up to 15,000 km (almost the length of India’s total land border) of artificial canals to connect 30 major Indian rivers for providing affordable potable water and simultaneously improve management of monsoon flooding and irrigation.  However, there are some major obstacles to its implementation:

  • Federal experts have been finding it difficult to project the total cost of this grand project. 
  • The vast areas of land which will be flooded to support the network shall encroach on significant forest reserves and other land areas of importance.
  • There is severe skepticism surrounding the ability of these major rivers to compensate sustainably for the increase in their watershed as experts cannot find the “excess water” in these rivers, as claimed by the government. 

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