The Ongoing Elections

It’s getting intense

The General Elections in India are on in full swing and we’re sure that you are all overwhelmed (if not pulling your hair out) with all the political news, statements, agendas and their (false?) promises. 

While we have no control over any of those, we decided to dig up some interesting facts that you can throw at your coworkers/classmates and feel like a badass for a day (atleast). Here goes!

  • More than 1/8th of the world’s population will choose their leader in the ongoing elections: almost 90 crore voters.
  • Approximately 8 lakh polling stations have been set up across the country this year.
  • The size of the Election Commission of India’s workforce is close to 1.1 crore people. This is larger than the entire population of more than 74 countriesincluding Bhutan, Portugal & UAE.
  • 8.5 crore voters will be voting for the first time. (Welcome to the club!!)

No wonder both the BJP & Congress are prioritizing unemployment as a major issue because we really need to get our people occupied. 

PS – Better choose your candidate wisely. 

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