Issue 1 | 2019

Welcome to the first edition of The Guide! As we begin our journey today, we are grateful to have you as one of our subscribers. 

We hope that you have as much fun reading our briefs as we do in preparing stories for you. (High5)

Today we tell you some facts about the ongoing elections,  Uber’s IPO & how we are running out of Helium. We also discuss the IPL Final & the latest episode of GOT (of course we would!) and finally, we request you to do your bit for the people of Odisha. 

The Ongoing Elections

Its really intense

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The General Elections in India are on in full swing and we’re sure that you are all overwhelmed (if not pulling your hair out) with all the political news, statements, agendas and their (false?) promises. 

While we have no control over any of those, we decided to dig up some interesting facts that you can throw at your coworkers/classmates and feel like a badass for a day (atleast). Here goes!

  • More than 1/8th of the world’s population will choose their leader in the ongoing elections: almost 90 crore voters.
  • Approximately 8 lakh polling stations have been set up across the country this year.
  • The size of the Election Commission of India’s workforce is close to 1.1 crore people. This is larger than the entire population of more than 74 countries including Bhutan, Portugal & UAE.
  • 8.5 crore voters will be voting for the first time. (Welcome to the club!!)

No wonder both the BJP & Congress are prioritising unemployment as a major issue because we really need to get our people occupied. 

PS – Better choose your candidate wisely. 

Post Cyclone Fani, Odisha Persists!

Source: Al Jazeera

In case you were living under a rock and didn’t know this already, cyclone Fani was the 2nd most powerful cyclone to hit the soul of India on 3rd May and things have been far from normal.

To give you an idea of the catastrophe caused, a local blogger recently uploaded several heart-wrenching images that show before & after scenes of famous spots that were hit.

Shockingly, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) had to change its forecast 9 times because of the outdated equipment the lack of global data on wind patters.

On the positive side, the European Space Agency’s new satellite “Aeolus” provides missing data and can help prevent future cyclones around the world by detecting wind speeds.

We request you to help the soul of India get back to its feet. Donate so that somebody can go back to living the life that was taken away from them.

Mumbai on a roll

CSK misses out (again!)

Mumbai Indian became the most successful franchise of the Indian Premier League after it beat Chennai for the 3rd time in a final that did not disappoint (unlike GoT’s latest episode). 

The match that saw Mumbai win for the 4th time since 2013 was stretched to the last minute and filled with shockers, the most talked about point being Dhoni’s controversial run-out.

While CSK fans were obviously very upset & social media was abuzz suggestions that other forces were at play during the game (wink! wink!), Mumbai Indians lifted its trophy and went out on a 8-km long ‘champions parade’ through the city. 

If it’s any consolation for CSK fans, know that the world cup is here and we’re all going to support the men in blue together.  

India plays its first match on 15th June against South Africa. Check all of India’s scheduled fixtures here

Uber’s share price takes a U-turn

That didn’t go too well!

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In what was considered to be the biggest tech IPO since Facebook, Uber went public on Friday with a price of $45 which was deemed a little too aggressive by a lot of wall street analysts and bankers.

For once, they were right. By the time the stock market closed on its 2nd trading day, their share was a little over $37, losing over $655 million on the first day itself. So the next time you lose money somewhere, don’t feel too bad about yourself.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi (don’t even try pronouncing his name) has tried to rekindle the fire in Uber employees by sending a memo asking them to look back at the IPO’s of Amazon & Facebook – both had rocky starts but ended up reaching a massive market cap.

With the IPO deemed a massive Wall Street failure (Ouch!), it remains to be seen how the ride-sharing service will hit back, especially considering that Lyft’s (Uber’s arch-nemesis in the USA) share price is down over 30% since its IPO on March 18th.

A shortage of Helium is already starting to impact businesses

A party without balloons?

Helium is the gas that makes you sound heavier and slower once you inhale it from a balloon, and apparently, it is the second most abundant gas in our galaxy.

However, on our planet, Helium is a non-renewable gas and we have a very limited quantity – it escapes from the cracks between the rocks (as it forms below our surface around the crust) and escapes out into space.

Some recent reports indicate that a global shortage of Helium is impacting several companies – including Party city (an American company that sells balloons and cool merchandise for parties), which closed down 45 of its ‘profit-making’ stores to adjust as per the available supply.

Others tend to believe that there is no such shortage as the current reserves can last for more than 100 years

While the relevant authorities figure this seemingly-non-important-problem out, we just hope they don’t ban balloons anytime soon. 

Let’s talk GoT: “Burn them All”

Source: Vanity Fair

Like father like daughter? Dany just wreaked havoc over Kings landing and netizens (& Westorosi) were strongly divided over what they feel about the episode.

While some felt that it was expected and well built up, many others felt that it was just “lazy writing” that has gotten the show from being the most talked about show to something nobody wants to talk about.

Watch the preview for the season finale here.

That’s all for today! Have a good day folks!