Political Motives or Empathy: What do the political leaders say about the air strikes and the Pulwama attack?

On February 14, India witnessed the suicide bombing at Pulwama which led to the death of 40 CRPF soldiers. The nation came together to protest against the terrorism that is constantly a death threat to the protectors as well as the protected and demanded justice for the 40 martyrs of the nation. The militant-terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed soon took the responsibility for the Pulwama attack. It is not the first time that Pulwama has been targeted.

On 26th February, the Indian mass media started buzzing with the news of an air strike that was carried on by the Indian Air Force. The IAF forces were said to have bombed the terrorist camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Balakot, Pakistan. The heat between the nations military was well evident when even on the following day, air duels were witnessed between the air forces of the nations in which one of the Indian pilots were captured.

Despite this being a serious and sensitive incident, people have been recklessly using it to aid their political motive. Throughout the whole scenario, no statement was released from the Defense Minister’s side. Even PM Modi was late in disseminating information and addressing the public.

PM addressing the general public:

In a recent ceremony in Delhi, PM Modi said, “We have given full freedom to the security forces. We have full faith in the bravery and valour of our security forces. I am hopeful that the patriotic fervour will ensure that people will provide correct information to our agencies so that we can intensify our efforts to crush terror,

Pulwama Attack Wreckage (left) PM Narendra Modi (right)

He further added, “I want to tell the terror outfits and those aiding and abetting them that they have made a big mistake. They will have to pay a very heavy price for their actions. Let me assure the nation that those behind this attack, the perpetrators of this attack will be punished.”. It is quite evident how the PM is using the air strikes and the terror attack to regain the confidence in public that he lost due to the rash government decisions in the past few months.

Opposition’s counter strike:

Some news channels ruled out the legitimacy of the air strikes saying that the bombs were dropped over empty lands. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee questioning the same, were ruled out to be “shameful” accusations against the government. As a citizen of India, Mamata Banerjee has the right to question the government and ask for facts. “From day one I am hearing especially on national television that 300-350 persons have died in the air strike. We want to know how many people actually died. Did anyone die at all? Where were the bombs dropped? Were the bombs dropped at the right place?” said Banerjee.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee

While the government has been facing questions from the oppositions, the people from the ruling party are constantly trying to do damage control. “After Uri, our forces went into Pakistan and carried out surgical strikes. They avenged the death of our soldiers. After Pulwama, everyone thought there could be no surgical strikes, what will happen? But under (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi’s leadership, the government carried out an air strike after the 13th day and killed more than 250 terrorists,” Amit Shah said in Gujarati, at the public meeting in Ahmedabad. The number of dead people keeps on fluctuating in between the range of 250-350, depending on the political interest of the speaker.

India, being a democracy, grants the right to freedom of expression and right to information to all its citizen. When Rahul Gandhi asked for proofs regarding the air strikes then, like Banerjee, he was also asked to introspect and be ashamed of himself.

Amit Shah while targeting Gandhi said, “What the Modi government has done in 55 months of rule, the Congress was unable to do in 55 years with Gandhi family’s four generations ruling the country.

Who is speaking the truth?:

While BJP have been constantly denying the fact that they have been using the topic of terrorism as a way to persuade the public into voting them in the 2019 elections, it is quite evident that they have more interest in their agendas than the actual empathy they have for the soldiers. The hatred inducing comments by major leaders and freedom sabotaging statements are nothing but a way to distract the public and trick them into looking at a bright side that might not even exist. When does war even have a brighter side? How is death of any kind a matter of celebration? Today’s political narrative not only kills curiosity but also leaves no space for questioning, thereby killing the whole motive of democracy.

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Image Credits: HT, New Indian Express, Telegraph India

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