“Rafale jets would’ve made a difference in the outcome of the airstrikes.” : PM Modi

What did our PM say?

At the India Today Conclave on 2nd March, PM Modi was yet again seen targeting the opposition. He said, “India is feeling the absence of Rafale. The entire country is saying in one voice today, that if we had Rafale, the results would have been different. The country has suffered a lot due to selfish interests earlier and now politics over Rafale.

This statement came after days of the mid-air clash between the air forces of India and Pakistan Air Forces after the Pulwama Attack and the alleged air strike by India on the Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camps in Pakistan. One Indian jet crashed and landed in the Pakistan territory and the pilot was later on captured by the Pakistan’s armed forces.

Modi, while speaking at India Today Conclave targeted Congress and stated that if the previous government would have purchased the Rafale jets while keeping aside their personal motives, then the results would have been different. He also said that his 55 months of government witnessed more development in India than the opposition’s 55 years of government.

The opposition’s call:

Rahul Gandhi has been constantly targeting the Modi government for having vested interest in the Rafale deal and replied to Modi’s allegations on the former government through a witty tweet:

Dear PM, Have you no shame at all? YOU stole 30,000 Cr and gave it to your friend Anil. YOU are solely responsible for the delay in the arrival of the RAFALE jets. YOU are WHY brave IAF pilots like Wing Cdr. Abhinandan, are risking their lives flying outdated jets.

Before ending his speech Modi made sure to say that the opposition can judge him all they want to but he will keep on doing his work.

Rahul Gandhi has been continuously demanding an investigation independent of the government to look into the Rafale deal. Recently, India’s Attorney General, Mr Venugopal tweeted that the petitioners stole the Rafale deal papers from the Defense ministry. Later he apologized saying that he was referring to the usage of photocopies of the actual documents by the petitioner and the original documents were not actually stolen.

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Image Credits: Afternoon Voice, Telugu360, Onmanorama, Twitter

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