Pariksha pe Charcha – PM Modi Addresses Issues for Children

Connecting with the students, teachers and parents from all over India, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0 on January 29, 2019. PM Modi used this opportunity to address many issues related to the stress and the approaching board exams. He interacted directly with 2000 students, teachers and parents at Talkatora Stadium which was being telecast live to students all over India.

The main motive of this meeting was to ease the stressed children and to make the parents realize their role In helping their kids through this exam time. The meeting started with some cultural performances by the students and a musical performance by the differently abled children. “Many parents use the report card of their child as their visiting cardsaid the Prime Minister sensitizing the parents about the pressure that the students face if their parents use their reporting cards to gain a sense of validation at the social gathering. While addressing the parents, PM Modi also asked them to not impose their own unrequited aspirations upon their children.

Parents should encourage their child when he meets failures

The PM’s popularity could be witnessed by the way people started cheering as soon as he mentioned PUBG while giving answer to one of the parent’s question about how to stop children from excessive gaming. The inquisitive session gave the children as well as the parents to interact with the Prime Minister.

He motivated the children by asking them to dream big and have bigger goals for themselves. He also assured them that failure is a part of life and it’s okay if you meet with defeat once in a while.

If you miss an aim, it can be forgiven, but if you aim low it is unforgivable

PM Modi addressing the crowd

He not only talked about aspirations and dreams but also reminded students that even though board exams are important they are not everything in life. His talk consisted more of general reminders such as talking to seniors, talking to our parents about our dreams and not take too much pressure about the exams. When asked about what motivates him to work 17 hours a day, his answer was as filmy as it could get.

Like a mother works 24 hours for her family, I work for my family of 1.25 crore Indians

While many people appreciated PM’s efforts to release the exam tension and also remind parents to be children’s support system during these days, others saw this as an unnecessary move by him as this meeting could’ve been conducted by the HRD minister. PM Modi is being held accountable for trying to attain the limelight through this event.

Student taking a selfie with PM Modi

Not much impact can be seen in the changes made to field of education during his government. The Delhi University which is known for its high cutoffs still remain the university people aim for and the ones who don’t get it, has to make peace with private universities which fail to meet the standards. PM Modi didn’t make any miraculous statements at this event. It was just another time when he used his presence and status to influence the students and the parents through this event.

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Image Credits:  NarendraModi, Indian Express, DNAIndia, TimesOfIndia

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