Evm Hacking: A Motivated Campaign ?

EVMs has always been the primary reason for dissension between the government and the opposition. There are 120 democracies in the world but only 25% of those use the mechanism of electronic voting machines. India, the largest democracy, has a 100% electronic voting system

The Background

We are considerably familiar with how EVMs have always been under question and as India prepares itself for another General Election, people are still judging the reliability of EVMs machines, worrying if those machines can be hacked. Whenever the results don’t favour a certain party we always witness one or the other leader of their party questioning the reliability of EVMs. Regional parties along with the Congress continue to accuse the BJP government for conspiring in this matter.

Recently Emerging Allegations

However, the BJP was accused of EVM tampering by a US based man who claimed himself to be a person involved in the designing of the electronic voting machines. The unnamed “cyber expert”, who was later discovered to be Syed Shuja held a press conference at the London clubhouse and said the same thing as the Opposition- that the EVMs were tampered during the 2014 general elections. He said he flew back to the United States because he was worried about his safety.

The Allegations

He made two allegations on the BJP

  • EVMs were Tampered during the 2014 lok sabha election
  • The late BJP leader Gopinath Munde and the famous journalist Gauri Shankar were ‘murdered’ by their own men because they knew the ‘truth’.

He also explained the whole hacking system by demonstrating the live hacking.

Shots Fired

The press conference was attended by senior Congress leader Mr. Kapil Sibbal. The BJP directly targeted the Congress by saying that the conference was a ‘motivated campaign by the Congress’. Pointing his guns toward Congress, the Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad questioned the existence of Mr. Kapil Sibbal and stated “Is Congress sponsored event designed to defame India’s mandate? What was Mr. Kapil Sibbal doing at the event? I will tell you, He was there to monitor whole event.”

Countering to the allegations made towards him, Kapil Sibbal replied that the media should look into this matter and investigate it. He further added: “There should be an inquiry into the charges he (Shuja) made. The Supreme Court and the law says there should be an FIR. It is your responsibility, if someone is making allegations it is important to ascertain whether the charges are right or not. If the charges are wrong, take action against him. If they are right, then it is a very serious thing,”

The Election commission, however, has denied these claims and instead asked Delhi police to lodge an FIR against Syed and take prompt action against him.

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